Just wanted to give a BIG SHOUT to the following for making The Ringmaster Classic such a great event. Our sponsors- Tiki Tiki Board Games, Recess Intl, One Drop Yo-Yos, 2Sickyoyos, YoYoExpert, The Traveling Throw, Yoyozeekio, MonkeyfingeR Design & Spin Dynamics Yoyo.
The most amazing Emcee YoYo Joe, excellent judges Tyler Severance, Shane Karan, Luke & Gabe.
The volunteers-Ken, Tyler, Grace, Kristina, Gabe, Luke, Summer, Kira, Kevin, Karin, Jackie, Jeff, Scarlette, Brandon, Anthony, George & Mark- A Team is not even the term.
Big Love out to Fiore’s Bagel Nook & Cafe for hosting the after party. The National YoYo League for their love and support. Parisi Studios for the loan of a perfect PA system (with drop off and pick up). Bellia Print & Design for their great print work.
The over 70 amazing throwers and players who took part and their friends and
family who came along.
Special thanks to the local Woodbury folks who came out on a snowy afternoon
in April to watch something new.
Woodbury Junior-Senior High School for allowing us to rent an amazing place to host
that worked to our needs perfectly as expected and the local eateries that fed our hungry
throwers and their families.
The Ingle/Kirk family for their love and support.
AJ1Most of all we would like to thank Andrew James “AJ” Kirk for showing us the pure joy of yoyo-ing. This community is a supportive and the most friendly group we have ever come across and it was so much fun to celebrate AJ and YoYo’s this weekend in our small town.
XXOO-The Tiki Gang