Safety FAQ

This will be determined based on CDC and Maryland State guidelines the week of the contest, as a player you should be prepared to play with a mask on in case. 

If a spectator is not at their designated table area a mask will be required, if you are sitting at your designated space with your won group dining rules will apply.

Please stay home and rest up. We hope you feel better soon. 

Yes, players and spectators will be scanned via forehead or wrist (your choice), if you are outside the safe zone you will be asked to leave promptly. 

Contest FAQ

  • Pro 1A
  • Pro X Div (Open)
  • Sport 1A
  • Sport Ladder

At lot of time and effort and planning is going into the first in person contest of 2021. That being said there is additional costs associated with the contest and pre registration allows you the opportunity to ensure a space in the contest while day of registration could add issues. 


Players that purchase a ticket to compete will have a space reserved in the player area.

Spectators need to purchase a ticket to attend.  


  • Sport 1A will be a 1 minute session
  • X Div (Open) 2 minute
  • Pro 1A depends on # of players (<40=no prelim)
    • Prelim 1 minute
    • Finals 2 minute

Songs will need to be summited for each entry


Registration numbers may dictate a random use of tracks form the prelim with final music needing to be submitted at least 3 days prior to the contest start. There is a submission method on this site. 

The only way to have your won music played is by submitting it here.